Sigatoka River Safari

Fiji’s original and multiple award winning Sigatoka River Safari will transport you deep into the Fijian interior aboard our custom built safari jet boats.

This authentic experience will allow you to learn all about Fijian history and provide you with an unrivalled cultural experience.

Sigatoka River Safari - “Simply Unforgettable”The Safari

Your adventure begins from the coastal town of Sigatoka.

Here you will be provided with your complimentary bottle of water, Safari passport which includes discount vouchers for Tappoos Fiji Market, Koko’s Bar Fiji and Natadola Golf Course and even a complimentary Safari sulu for all the women.

As you depart the town area you will be captivated by the unrivalled beauty of the Sigatoka Valley or as it is otherwise know “The Salad Bowl of Fiji”. See for yourselves where Fiji’s delicious fruit and vegetables are grown.

Your Mini-Coach driver will provide you with interesting information about the province you are visiting and make your 10 mile journey inland as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Upon arrival at the valley departure point, you are welcomed and given life jackets for the impending safari adventure.

Safety drills are provided to all, the chief is appointed and you’re off to discover the heart and soul of Fiji.

Your boat captain will provide an insightful commentary on the history of Fiji, the region’s cannibal past which includes the last recorded act of cannibalism towards a European; you will hear how the tribe survived till the modern day and also hear firsthand the oral history of the Fiji Islands and learn more about the feared kaicolo (mountain people).

As you venture upriver, you will be left in awe by the amazing natural scenery which will have you reaching for your camera (or iPhone) capturing moments that will take your breath away. Waving to the plethora of locals going about their daily lives, you will feel like an early explorer as you navigate your way up Fiji’s longest river.

Then after some 40 minutes on the river you will arrive at your designated village. Sigatoka River Safari is the only tour in Fiji which visits a different village each day of the week, to ensure all our guests enjoy life in an authentic Fijian koro (village).

Arriving at your designed village you will be greeted by your village guide who will welcome you like long lost family and assist you with access to your village.

One of the highlights of your Safari experience is being able to partake in Fijian village life which includes following village protocol such as all ladies of the tour party, as they will be requested to wear the complimentary Safari sulu (sarong) provided and all guests wearing hats will be asked to remove them when within the village boundary.

Your village guide will walk you to the community hall to present your “sevusevu” or kava with your designated tour chief receiving the first bowl of kava…BULA!!

Once the formalities are over, you are now part of the village. You will be shown around the village and meet the beautiful Fijian people on their terms, seeing firsthand how they really live. From there you will join the community in a Fijian lunch prepared by the women, tasting food and fruits grown in the farm nearby. The Safari tour is all about giving your five senses (seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, smelling) a truly Fijian experience.

Your time with your new friends will fly by as you enjoy their Fijian hospitality which includes dancing and singing. After a memorable two hours in the village it is time to say good-bye.

The farewell song of Isa Lei is sung to you and for some tears will flow, but you will leave knowing you have made new friends and memories that will last a life time. You will soon agree that your hearts have been warmed, your soul has been touch and that Sigatoka River Safari is “Simply Unforgettable”


Sigatoka River Safari started as a result of a then 13 year old Australian, by the name of Jay Whyte who first visited Fiji in 1991, he met his friend Pita Matasau who introduced him to the real Fiji. Pita took Jay & his family high into the Fijian interior to his village of Draiba. It was from this unique, authentic experience that Jay decided other people should discover the Fijian interior.


A holiday to New Zealand in 1992, saw Jay and his family enjoying a scenic jet boat ride; which created a spark in Jay’s mind, combining two experiences into one!

Coming back to Fiji to start his dream in 2006, Jay is always happy to share his passion and ensure that you too experience a “Simply Unforgettable” adventure into the heart of Fiji.


All of Sigatoka River Safari’s jet boat captains were trained by Neil Ross, a pioneer in jet boating in New Zealand with over 25 years of experience in the industry.

The captains including Fiji’s first female Jet Boat Captain who were trained in New Zealand and Fiji and regularly undergo training and also take time to participate in some of New Zealand’s Jet Boating Marathons.

Community Work

Our goal at Sigatoka River Safari is not to change the way villagers live but to help improve the villagers’ living standards. This is why for every visitor into the village, the company contributes directly to the village, and this means these monies go entirely to these remote villages and are used by them in their various village projects.

Safari team

Our team will look after you and you will feel like family from the first moment you connect with us. Majority from the Safari team are from the province of Navosa and Nadroga and take great pride in sharing the beauty and stories of the provinces and the history of Fiji.

We are here to assist you so please do not hesitate to reach out to us at any time should you need any assistance at any time during the tour… from taking your pictures to holding your handbag!


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