Sport Fishing Fiji @ Mango Bay Resort

Are you looking for a place with world class Mangrove Jack fishing? A reef system filled with back breaking Giant Trevally’s? A stretch of ocean filled with game fish ready to grab your lure? And all this just 10 minutes from where you are staying?

Sport Fishing Fiji has such a place and we would love the opportunity to share it with you.

Sport Fishing Fiji has been in operation since 1999 within Fiji. Our experienced, friendly, and helpful crew know where to find the fish.

Come aboard our off shore game fishing boat, ‘Mango Princess’ which is a 28ft Islander center console, powered by 200hp Yamaha 4 stroke outboards and cruises at 25 knots.

‘Mango Princess’ comfortably fits 6 anglers and is used for live baiting around the reef, light trolling, GT popping or casting lures in the mangroves. She is equipped with VHF, GPS, fish finder, rocket launchers, out riggers and all other safety equipment. We only use the best stand up fishing tackle, and all our rods are Shimano with TLD 20’s, 30’s and 50’s.

What makes our fishing experience special is that we have so many different within a 15 minute run. There is big game fish, the reef, mangrove and excellent bottom fishing.

The crew are very flexible and will vary their techniques on any given day, to suit the weather and fishing conditions.

Our goal on every trip, is to put our anglers onto as many fish as possible. Furthermore we can accommodation everyone from serious IGFA tournament anglers to families and beginners.

Game Fishing

Fiji is well known for its game fishing scene. The warm waters, the 1,000 metre drop offs and the amazing reef systems. These factors attract the likes of:

  • Blue, Black & Stripped Marlin
  • Yellowfin Tuna
  • Sailfish
  • Spanish Mackerel
  • Wahoo
  • Mahi Mahi
  • Skipjack Tuna

A typical game fishing trip with Sport Fishing Fiji would start out early morning and troll around the schools of skipjack and yellowfin tuna. After which we would then troll for the larger species like the marlin, wahoo, mahi mahi and yellowfin.

If the weather takes a turn for the worst, you can troll in the protected reefs for Spanish mackerel, tuna, barracuda, queenfish, blue fin trevally and the giant trevally.

Reef Fishing

Giant Trevally’s are universally known as the toughest fighting fish, pound for pound, in the world. The reef systems in Fiji host some of the world’s biggest Giant Trevally’s.

We are lucky enough to have these reefs right on our doorstep. The best method to catch these back breakers is to cast a “popper” on top of the reefs and wind back in, making sure the popper skips along the surface, mimicking a wounded baitfish.

Spanish Mackerel are also found in abundance along our reef system. These make for excellent sport fish on light tackle.

The reef systems are alive with baitfish attracting the larger species. Troll or bottom fish for giant trevally, Spanish mackerel, cod, snapper, emperor, sweet lip or coral trout.

Fishing Seasons:

Species Best Months

  • Black Marlin July – November
  • Blue Marlin March – August
  • Striped Marlin June – August
  • Sailfish All Year
  • Wahoo June – August
  • Mahi Mahi All Year
  • Barracuda October – March
  • Skipjack Tuna All Year
  • Yellowfin Tuna May – July
  • Giant Trevallys October – March
  • Dog Tooth Tuna June – October

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring?

  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Hats
  • Light Jacket
  • Sense of adventure

Sport Fishing Fiji’s Fish Policy

Guests can take back what they themselves can eat for dinner. Our crew will be glad to fillet your catch for you.

Chartering the Boat

All our trips are based on boat charters. To make the trip more cost effective, bring along a few friends with you so that you can split the cost – maximum of 6 anglers. If you are the only person interested in sport fishing, we will try our best to find a few more additional people for you to share with.

Please bear in mind that it cannot always be guaranteed that we can find additional people, so if you are on a tight schedule, there is a possibility that the trip might not happen on the day you wanted to go fishing.

Do I need to bring tackle?

On all of our trips we provide tackle, bait and ice. However, if you have a favourite lure or rod you would like to bring, that is fine.

What if we don’t catch any fish?

Rules by the laws of nature, catching fish cannot always be guaranteed. Our crew will certainly try their best to ensure that you have every opportunity to catch that record fish. What customers are paying for is the experience of going out on the tropical Pacific Ocean, camaraderie with the crew and fuel costs.


Come Sport Fishing with Mango Bay Resort!

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