Cuppabula Café & Bar

Cuppabula Café & Bar is beautifully located facing the famous Sigatoka River giving the pleasing feel of relaxed atmosphere.

At CuppaBula café we are committed to serve you with vibrant new cuisines using exotic ingredients and flavors of the Pacific.

Shop is located in the Tappoo Fiji Market Complex, Sigatoka Town, Coral Coast.

Tappoo's Cafe, Sigatoka

Café & Bar with a Difference

Our expert Swiss chef, Rolf Eicher and his passionate culinary team proudly present the mouthwatering, Pacific-inspired recipes at its best – fresh, simple, light, elegant and bursting with exciting flavors. .

Opening Hours

  • 8am to 5pm on Week Days
  • 8am to 3pm in the Weekends

Coffee and Tea


Dilmah English Breakfast tea, Earl Grey tea, Chamomile tea, Peppermint tea, Green tea


Cappucinno, Flat White, Café latte, Café Americano, Expresso, Macchiato, Latte macchiato, Café mocha Ice Chocolate


Cuppabula Cafe - breakfastCereals

Kelloggs Cornflakes, Rice Bubbles, With Regular Milk Or Skimmed Milk Or Soy Milk

From The Bakery

(Served With Butter, Jam, )

Choice Of 2 Slices Of Toast: White Or Whole-Meal Bread

Banana Muffin

Chocolate Muffin

Cup Cake

Butter & Chocolate Cookies

Eggs Any Style

Two Eggs Cooked The Way You Like Them: Scrambled, Sunny Side Up Or Boiled; Served With Toast

Scrambled Eggs With Toasted White Bread

Omelette Regular With Choice Of Fillings Cheese, Capsicum, Onion, Tomato & Chilli

Cuppabula Cafe - breakfast sandwich


Toasted Cheese Sandwich

Toasted Cheese & Tomato Sandwich

Toasted Cheese. Tomato & Onion Sandwich

Vegetarian Sandwich (Our Chef’s Favorite )

Chicken wrap (Lettuce, Tomato & Chicken)

Cuppabula Cafe - pasta


Spinach and Chilli Ravioli with Pesto Basil Sauce

Spinach and Cheese Raivoli Sugo tomato sauce

Spaghetti with Basil Pesto Sauce

Served with 2 slice garlic bread

Penne Arrabiata Tomato Sauce with Chilli


Cuppabula Cafe - pizza


margherita pizza: cheese & tomato

rome: onion & anchovies

vegetarian: cheese, tomato, onion, capsicum, chilli & pineapple

sigatoka pizza: onions, mushrooms, capers, olives, garlic



Vegetarian taco: yellow corn hard shell filled with fresh cooked beans, lettuce & cheese

Cuppabula Cafe - MexicanVegetarian Burritos

Bean & cheese burrito: warm flour tortilla wrapped with fresh cooked beans, salsa, sauce & cheese (spicy or mild)

Deluxe bean & cheese burrito

Warm flour tortilla wrapped with fresh cooked beans, salsa, sauce, sour cream & cheese (spicy or mild)

Bean & cheese works burrito

Warm flour tortilla wrapped with fresh cooked beans, salsa, sauce, sour cream, lettuce & cheese (spicy or mild

Super nacho

Fresh tortilla chips with beans, cheese, sour cream, jalapeno pepper & salsa–vegetarian

Cuppabula Cafe - cocktailsCocktails

Fruit Punch

Pineapple, orange & passion fruit juice, cordial & scoop of Tip Top ice-cream

Rum Punch

Bounty dark rum, bounty white rum Pineapple, orange & passion fruit juice, cordial & scoop of Tip Top ice-cream

Taste of honey

Vodka, advocate, Galliano, pineapple & orange juice, Cordial, dash of p/fruit juice and scoop of tip top ice-cream

Coral quencher

Southern comfort, vodka, soda water, passion fruit juice & dash of brown sugar

Blue marlin

Bounty white rum, blue curacao and pineapple juice

Cuppabula Cafe - cocktailsBeer & wines

  • Vonu On Tap
  • Fiji Bitter, Fiji Gold
  • Fiji Vonu Pure Lager
  • Fiji Premium
  • Crown Lager, Australia
  • Heineken, Netherlands
  • Corona, Mexico
  • Pure Blonde, Australia
  • SolMexico
  • Heineken Can, Fiji Gold Can
  • Fiji Bitter Can
  • Australian Wine( Red and White )