Diveaway Fiji

Diveaway Fiji operates from the beautiful Coral Coast of Viti Levu, Fiji’s main island. Ourboats run out from our bases at the Fiji Hideaway Resort and Spa and Mango Bay Resorts

The Coral Coast is known for its diving and Diveaway Fiji is the dive operator of choice along the Coast. Since 2003 our dive boats have been taking divers to an array of fantastic dive sites along the Coral Coast’s long fringing reefs. The boats operate from our bases at the Fiji Hideaway and Mango Bay Resorts.

We also have a dive shop at the Outrigger on the Lagoon Resort and we are the dive operator of choice for Beachouse, Bedarra Beach Inn and the boutique resorts, backpackers and villas of Maui Bay and Korotogo.

Diveaway is a small, friendly dive op who enjoy sharing our beautiful divesites from complete beginners to experienced divers who often return to visit us time and again.

We offer PADI dive courses from Open Water Diver to DM.

We also offer a Free Scuba Lesson in the pool Monday to Saturday for guests who have never tried diving, if you enjoy it you can then book in for a Discover Scuba Dive and dive under the direct supervision of our instructor.

Dive groups are deliberately kept small and as there are no other dive boats operating on our sites there is never a crowd underwater to spoil your view – we see fish not bubbles!

Topography along the Coral Coast is varied and interesting. It can get very deep very quickly here, so we are lucky enough to have a variety of sites from dramatic wall dives and coral covered reef slopes through to adrenalin buzzing drift dives.

Encounters with turtles, sharks, rays, circling vortexes of barracuda are frequent, and of course we always have the backdrop of hard and soft corals, giant gorgonian fans and colourful waving feather stars and the neverending array of tropical reef fish, moray eels, nudibranchs and flatworms – an underwater photographer’s paradise.

Amongst the many things that attract divers to the Coral Coast is our incredibly easy access to all our dive sites.

At Taqage the furthest boat ride is just over 10 minutes and the closest has been done in under 20 seconds – possibly the shortest boat ride to a dive site anywhere!

This enables us to offer the deeply civilised option of a morning two tank dive returning to the Fiji Hideaway in between the dives for a restoring cup of tea or even a touch of breakfast.

We also get back from the second dive before noon, giving you the rest of the day to do all those relaxing holiday things that you can’t do bobbing around on a boat.

From Mango Bay the boat zooms straight off from the beach directly in front of the dive shop, to divesites dotted in the channels and reefs a short boat ride away. Here too we usually return to the resort between dives

Diveaway Fiji would love to show you the fabulous underwater life of the Coral Coast, For a little taster, have a look at our website or come and make friends with us on facebook so we can keep you up to speed with who’s been here, where we are diving and what we are seeing at the moment – it’s great to see our guests underwater photos here as well!


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