Legend of the Loka and the Disappearing Isles

The legend of the loka (an unusually high tide that occurs on the coral coast) and the disappearing islands, where forces of a Tongan sea deity in the form of huge waves wash over the coast to reclaim the souls of early Tongan settlers whom have perished on our shores.

However, the purpose of the loka was not fulfilled and many of the returning souls were lost at sea forever.

Loka -an unusually high tide that occurs on the Coral Coast, Fiji

Loka -an unusually high tide that occurs on the Coral Coast, Fiji

The loved ones of those lost souls were distressed by this loss and petitioned the sea deity to find these souls and return them to their homeland.

Failing to do so, the sea deity decided to make up for his shortcomings by forming the legendary Disappearing Isles.

These islets were to be the resting place of the lost Tongan souls and the surrounding reefs are said to be encrusted with jewels such as jade, amethyst, aquamarine and gardens of pearls in the hope of appeasing the Tongans’ grief.

'Minerva’detail, by Tessa Miller

‘Minerva’detail, by Tessa Miller

There is much dispute as to the exact location of these bejeweled atolls, particularly within the Lau Group, each island claiming closeness with the legend.

It has been foretold that the Disappearing Isles are only visible to a select few, it is particularily during the loka on the Coral Coast that the islands rise.